First Steps

After the Installation of the Outlook Plugin you will need to restart Outlook.

Start to write a new eMail. In this window you should see a yellow lock button in the top which displays an “open” lock like this:

Please note: as long as the lock is displayed as “open”, the encryption is off!

Once you click that button, the Preferences window opens and you have further options to make your eMail communication more secure.

Among the new features are:

  • Combine all attachments automatically into a SINGLE PDF file and password protect that
  • Assign domains to standard passwords. That also enables you to use “@partnerco.domain” as a wildcard for each receiver on that domain
  • Put the email to text list on an external drive (think “cloud drive”), which is not as secure, but works fine with external security services like boxcryptor or other protected cloud services (like Dropbox Business)

We offer a free trial, if you want to test the new version!

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