Encrypt eMails and Attachments with Outlook


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New Version 2.8 Release Download for Windows


The crypted.company Outlook Plugin for Windows makes it easy:

  • Encrypt attachments with one simple click
  • Protect the text of the e-mail
  • Recipient needs no software, just the password
  • Decryption works on smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Not a cloud solution: no third party involved

How does crypted-email work?

Easily: by using the built-in security features of PDF and Microsoft Office, we secure the attachment on your machine and the recipient of your email simply needs the password. No extra software, no extra costs!

Take us for a free test drive: Download trial here!

We have now also revived our documentation and how-to site on www.crypted-email.com, where we publish additional infos around encryption – even beyond our own tool, because the web needs to be a safer place.

Version 2.0 was now officially released in January 2018. Version 2.6 made it backwards compatible to Windows 7 and Outlook 2010.

Download and try

We offer a free trial download (main, top menu) to install our clean and signed Outlook plugin. If you are sending email to your customers and need a simple and quick way to password protect any file: you have been looking for us!

The plugin is currently only available on Windows and sticks nicely and without hassle into the latest Outlook releases.

Whenever you attach files to your emails: you just hit the little lock button at top of your mail window and set a password.